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Ngāti Raukawa ki te Tonga is an Iwi based in the lower North Island. It is not South Waikato based Ngāti Raukawa. Both Iwi have whakapapa but are separate.

If you are wanting to get in touch with the South Waikato Ngāti Raukawa please see their website


Why Register?

An important task of the Trust is to maintain and grow a register of its members. 

Registering connects you with your Iwi/hapū/marae/whanāu; gives you access to Iwi benefits which currently include Marae and Iwi entity funding and fish distributions; keeps you updated on Iwi business including Raukawa wide activities/hui; and allows you to vote in trustee elections and have a direct say in decisions that affect you and your whānau.

Register Now through creating a MāoriMe Profile

Set up a MāoriMe profile to start your registration.  Think you’re registered?  Please continue to set up a MāoriMe profile.  

MāoriMe allows you to interact directly with us and the information we hold about you. 

Please set up a profile through MāoriMe (whether you are registered or not).  Add as little or as much information as you like – we need at least your full name, date of birth, whakapapa details and email address at this point.  Here’s what happens with your information:

  • If you are registered on our member database: Your details will be ‘matched’ with what we have in our database.  If you are matched this means you can login to MāoriMe anytime and update your details with us and that will automatically update our member database.    We will let you know whether you’ve been matched.
  • If you are not registered on our member database: a registration application will automatically be generated for you. We may need to seek further information from you to confirm that you are in fact from Ngāti Raukawa.  We will then get your registration verified from a kaumātua from your hapū.  We will let you know once your registration has been verified.

Get registered online now

Click here to create your MāoriMe profile


Download and print a registration form

Click here for the printable registration form.

Update your details

Please update your details through your MāoriMe login any time you change address, phone or email, or have a new child or a family bereavement.

Registration and MāoriMe FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is MāoriMe?

We utilise MāoriMe which is a web interface between our website and our member database.  MāoriMe allows you to interact directly with us and the information we hold about you. 

What happens with the information I load into MāoriMe?

The information is automatically loaded into our member database. 

What is your privacy policy in respect of information loaded into MāoriMe and your member database?

Raukawa ki te Tonga Trust has a strict privacy policy that means your details are kept confidential, safe and secure. We do not provide tribal members’ information to any third party.  Your information will be securely held in our member database and treated confidentially, no information will be disclosed to third parties without your authorisation except as required by law or with other organisations representing Ngāti Raukawa ki te Tonga interests. You have the right to view your personal information held on the database, this will occur with a nominated iwi/hapū representative and information can be corrected if necessary.

Why do I have to provide my whakapapa?

Whakapapa information confirms how you whakapapa to Ngāti Raukawa, and assists in verifying your application for registration.

Why must you verify my registration?

After received, each application for registration must be validated by verifying whakapapa connections – this is a requirement under our Trust Deed. Applications for registration may not be accepted if insufficient or incorrect whakapapa information has been supplied. If there is difficulty with verification of registration details, we will contact you.

How old do I have to be to register?

You must be 18 years + to register. 

What about my children?

You can add children under 18 years on your MāoriMe profile. When children turn 18 they will automatically be transferred to adult membership. Children aged 18 years +, who haven’t been added through your Māorime profile when they were under 18, must register themselves.

Check if you are registered

Email to check if you are registered.

Paper registration form

Click here to fill in a paper registration form.  Please scan and email to or post to.

Raukawa ki te Tonga Trust & Raukawa ki te Tonga AHC Limited

PO Box 15012, Ōtaki, 5512

144 Tasman Road, ŌTAKI

Help with Registration

If you have any registration query or need help with forms, please email our administrator to help you and she can call you back

Help build our Iwi register

Registering our people is an ongoing process. You can help by encouraging your whānau networks to register, by collecting registrations on behalf of your whānau, by helping kaumātua and rangatahi to register, and by advising us of changes to contact details, births and family bereavements.

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